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Find Count Strahd von Zarovich and destroy him, so you can leave Ravenloft and return to Westgate.

Find the Tome of Strahd in a place of bones (possibly inside Castle Ravenloft).
Find the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind in the west, at a pool blessed by sunlight.
Find the Sunsword in a dead village, drowned by a river and ruled by one who has brought great evil into the world.
Find an ally in your quest, a fallen paladin from a fallen order of knights. RIctavio thinks they should be at Argynvostholt.

(pending) If Ireena Kolyana isn’t safe in Vallaki, take her to the Abbey of Saint Markovia in Krezk
Find out why the Wizard of Wines has stopped making deliveries to the Blue Water Inn.
Find Mad Mary Boguescu’s missing daughter, Gertruda.
Find a way to cure Donavich’s son, Doru – if there is one.
Learn why Izek Strazni is having Gadof Blinsky make dolls that resemble Ireena.
(pending) Sleep with one eye open, for the hags of Old Bonegrinder yet live.

Search for the Mad Mage of Mount Baratok.
Visit the tower where Zuleika Toranescu lived.
Look for the werewolves that killed Zuleika Toranescu.
Meet with Fiona Wachter.

Escape Death House.
Bury Kolyan Indrirovich.
Hear your fortunes from Madam Eva.
Clear out the Old Bonegrinder.
Learn the fate of Grosk.
Bring Ireena to Vallaki.
Find the stolen bones of St. Andral, believed to be in the shop of coffin-maker Henrik van der Voort.


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